Irish made, Irish paid

  1. Every single cent we spend end's up paying somebody's wages somewhere. ≈ If we are serious about jobs for ourselves and our children we must be conscious of where we send our money.If four million of us switched just €10 a week to Irish produced goods, this would keep €40,000,000 extra in Ireland every week. That equates to over €2 billion a year or at €40,000 per year - 52,000 jobs.
  • Buying IRISH goods and services provides jobs for IRISH people. 
  • Buying goods and from services outside the state provides jobs for people outside the state.
  • Profits from IRISH owned company's stay in Ireland and are generally reinvested in Ireland.
  • Profits from for foreign owned company's leave Ireland.
  • We are not against buying imported goods (Ireland exports 80% of what we make) but we do encourage you to buy from states that buy from Ireland. (Get the facts)
We can't have it both ways;
 either we are part of the problem or part of the solution.

    * DID YOU KNOW.-  
The CRH group employs 92,000 people worldwide almost the same number as Microsoft employs

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